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"This place is the absolute best! My 18, 15 and 9 year old have all been patients and it’s been nothing but positive experiences. My daughter started on the Myobrace program and we have seen amazing jaw growth! Highly recommend! Amanda worked with her today adding brackets and was fantastic!"

Review Verified on 10/21/2019
"I am so happy to finally feel confident to smile! Dr. Whitlock, Lauren and the whole team at Whitlock made it happen! Thank you!"

Review Verified on 10/18/2019
"My daughter has never slept through the night. She wakes up repeatedly, grinds her teeth, is constantly moving in her sleep, and sleep walks. My daughter is 9 years old and had always made her way to my bed each night. I was exhausted from not getting enough sleep, and decided if I couldn't get her to stay in her bed, then I had to stop the grinding teeth. But everyone I spoke with assured me she would grow out of it, including her pediatric dentist. As I grew increasingly desperate over the course of 2 1/2 years I finally called my primary dentist to make her an appointment to get a mouth guard, but after explaining my issue he told me I needed to take her to see her pediatrician to have her tonsils checked as it sounded like sleep apnea. I quickly made that appointment, and her tonsils were fine, but the pediatrician noticed the pallet of my daughter's mouth was V shaped and referred me to Dr. Whitlock. When I met with Dr. Whitlock he took the time to explain to me how the roof of my daughter's mouth was too narrow causing her tongue to slide in the back of her mouth at night. This was not allowing her to get enough oxygen which was prompting her to move and grind her teeth in an effort to move her tongue so she could breathe. In addition, the sleep walking was a result of her never getting into a good REM sleep. He explained that she would need a spacer to help move the roof of her mouth into a U shape. We have had the spacer for 6 weeks now, but for the past 3 weeks as the roof of her mouth has shifted into more of a U shape her teeth grinding has stopped, her sleep walking has stopped, and at 9 years old she is officially sleeping through the night, and in her own bed!!! I am so thankful I kept searching for answers and found Dr. Whitlock. His knowledge has been an absolute life saver for this mom and my daughter."

Review Verified on 9/20/2019
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"Love my new smile! Dr. Whitlock abd his team are amazing!"

Review Verified on 8/30/2019
"Misty and Dr. Whitlock are amazing. Appointments here are flawless. The office runs like a well oiled machine. I have been so impressed. I also take two of my children here and have been pleased with how they have helped them as well. You will not find better orthodontics care anywhere."

Review Verified on 5/8/2019
"I loved this place. The girls working here and Dr. Whitlock is always helpful and friendly to anyone. My teeth looks so much better because of my braces. Thank you for all you have done."

Review Verified on 5/8/2019
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"We are very pleased with the service we received from the staff at Whitlock Orthodontics. The estimate we were given was spot on and we are out of braces in just over a year! The process was very easy and we are excited with the results! They offer an excellent customer experience from the time you walk in the door for your consult until the day we walk out with a smile even more beautiful than before! Thank you Dr.Whitlock and your entire staff for treating all patients with respect and care!"

Review Verified on 5/2/2019
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"Very friendly and helpful staff. Love my results - you guys ROCK!!"

Review Verified on 4/25/2019
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"We have been pleased from start to finish! Dr. Whitlock and his staff are excellent. They treated our son wonderfully. It was a great experience overall!"

Review Verified on 4/17/2019
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"Dr. Whitlock and his team made getting braces at 25 easy. I feel much more confident in my smile! I definitely recommend scheduling a consultation with Dr Whitlock"

Review Verified on 4/10/2019
"My daughter has had a wonderful experience with her braces and Dr Whitlock’s office, so much so, that she was sad to get them taken off! Everyone is always friendly and patient. Thank you for making this a positive experience!"

Review Verified on 3/29/2019
"I love this team! They are all so nice and help you through your steps with you braces!"

Review Verified on 3/27/2019
"The staff here is very nice and they did a good job fixing my teeth and making them look good. I love Dr Whitlock!"

Review Verified on 3/12/2019
"Dr. Whitlock is the best! My treatment was personalized for me and my results are amazing! I couldn’t be happier."

Review Verified on 2/8/2019
"I loved the way my teeth turned out. It was so fast and easy."

Review Verified on 2/7/2019
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"If you need braces or as in any case facial surgery that requires braces then Whitlock orthodontics is the place to go. They have a nice friendly knowledgeable staff and Dr. Whitlock has an amazing bedside manor who helped be through this by informing me of what was going to happen each step of the way. Thank you to the whole staff for making my experience great"

Review Verified on 1/24/2019
"They are all very caring people and they made my visits very comfortable and great. I loved being with Whitlock Orthodontics and I would definitely recommend them for anyone else who needs orthodontic work"

Review Verified on 1/23/2019
"Ever since I first got my braces, I could feel my confidence boost; it was like I knew this would definitely be worth it! I love the staff and everyone is so nice and helpful!"

Review Verified on 1/23/2019
"Always feel welcomed here and everyone is so friendly and kind. They always make sure you are doing good and are never in pain. It’s always a great experience."

Review Verified on 1/23/2019
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"The staff were really nice! They were very professional and knowledgeable. From our first appointment all throughout getting her braces off, it was a great experience - would definitely recommend anyone come to Whitlock Orthodontics for braces!"

Review Verified on 1/17/2019
"Me gusta el trato del equipo del Doctor Whitlock son muy amables y mi tratamiento a sido rapido"

Review Verified on 1/16/2019
"My treatment time was shorter than I expected and I liked that because I didn’t have to wear my braces as long. Everything was such a quickly process but my teeth look wonderful and I have no complaints about it."

Review Verified on 1/9/2019
"Always great service! Staff is amazing! Won’t find better service anywhere else. Thank you!"

Review Verified on 12/18/2018
"This place is absolutely amazing and the work and care they give to you is fantastic! Thank You Dr. Whitlock and staff!"

Review Verified on 12/13/2018
"It was super quick and easy!! Everyone is super friendly and easy to work with. Very happy with my new smile!!"

Review Verified on 12/13/2018
"The most friendly and amazing staff this is my second time having braces first one with a different doctor and decided to go with doctor Whitlock the second time and the results are the most amazing results I’ve had in my two experience highly recommend Dr. Whitlock and his amazing team"

Review Verified on 11/30/2018
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"I just got my braces off today, and I am so pleased with my results. My treatment was only 9 months, and every visit was extremely professional, clean, and friendly. The staff is excellent, and of course Dr. Whitlock! They seem to really care about the people they work with, and were so extremely helpful throughout my entire treatment time. I would definitely go back but of course I won't need to now ;)."

Review Verified on 11/29/2018
"I really loved this place and helped me out a lot with my teeth to get them straight and perfect. Also to have a great smile."

Review Verified on 11/20/2018
"Oddly as it sounds, I always enjoy coming in to Dr. Whitlock’s! He and his team are always friendly and welcoming. He addresses all my concerns if I ever have any. The staff is great about communicating with me what is being done and what the plan is going forward. Love this office!"

Review Verified on 11/6/2018
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"Everyone is professional, fun, and highly knowledgeable! And most importantly they can talk to me at a level that I can understand what is happening or needing to happen! I wouldn’t take my family anywhere else!"

Review Verified on 10/30/2018
"Dr. Whitlock did a great job of helping my son get his smile! He encouraged and motivated him to practice good brushing and eating techniques so he could get the smile he wanted. Treatment was on schedule with what was communicated and my son is so excited to quickly and easily be out of braces."

Review Verified on 10/23/2018
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"Would gladly recommend this clinic. Everyone is so nice and very professional. Love love love my new smile!"

Review Verified on 10/4/2018
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"My son Justin has had a great experience so far with his orthodontic care. Dr Whitlock and all the staff have been extremely helpful and have taken great care of Justin. So thankful for everyone there and would definitely recommend to anyone!"

Review Verified on 8/7/2018
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"5 STARS for every single time I come in! Highly recommend! From front office to the clinical staff, I'm never disappointed! Very fun, yet professional! Dr. Whitlock and his staff can't be beat! Lauren was my assistant today. She is fabulous. Made my experience fun and entertaining."

Review Verified on 7/27/2018
"Daniel is very excited to be here today! So far our experience has been incredible! The entire staff is friendly, helpful and the process has been speedy and pleasant! So glad we found Dr. Whitlock!!"

Review Verified on 7/25/2018
"Exceptional service from first call to braces. Dr. Whitlock and his staff were kind and professional throughout the whole process."

Review Verified on 7/19/2018
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"Dr. Whitlock and his staff have provided excellent service with my daughter's braces. They treated her underlying health issues by moving her lower jaw forward and have given her such a beautiful smile!"

Review Verified on 6/13/2018
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"I'm so excited that Dr. Whitlock made straighter teeth a well organized, easy, process. The service here is like no other and everyone is very friendly. Always leave the office in a better mood than what I came with. 11/10"

Review Verified on 6/13/2018
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"We have been visiting Dr Whitlock and staff for over 10 years. My daughter was born with a cleft palate and has had numerous dental issues. Dr Whitlock and team have been incredible in dealing with an exceptionally difficult patient, at times. They have been patient, kind and understanding of the needs of my daughter. I am so grateful to have them assist us thru this process. I would highly recommend Dr Whitlock and staff to anyone needing orthodontic treatment, even those that could be a challenge. They have a kid and adult friendly attitude and environment. They are just an awesome and caring team of orthodontic professionals!!"

Review Verified on 5/29/2018
"Whitlock Ortho has been amazing through this whole process. They have been very accommodating, friendly, and fun. I would definitely recommend them for any kind of Ortho needs."

Review Verified on 5/24/2018
Facebook Verified
"Karsyn has severe dental anxiety, but she has overcome much of that coming to Whitlock Orthodontics. She actually looks forward to coming to each appointment and is excited to get braces. I attribute all of that to Whitlock Orthodontics and the amazingly friendly and patient staff! Thank you for the wonderful experience for Karsyn!"

Review Verified on 5/16/2018
"I have had a great experience at Whitlock Orthodontics! Everyone is always so kind and accommodating. I am so happy to have a straight smile, but also relief from TMJ that I have been struggling with for years!"

Review Verified on 5/16/2018
Reviews 1 - 42 of 2433

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