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"Dr Whitlock is always pleasant. The staff is kind and patient. We were taken care immediately and we were in and out in no time, especially getting braces off."

"So far through my treatment my smile has gotten better and better, their staff is THE BEST and Dr. Whitlock is pretty awesome at what he does. Thank you :)"

"Thank you so much to Dr. Whitlock and his amazing staff for Braden's wonderful smile!! The whole crew here at Whitlock Orthodontics truly goes above & beyond!! Braden says, "They did a good job"!"

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"The folks at Whitlock are always pleasant and great at their jobs. Dr. Whitlock is also great at what he does. We have two kids that have had braces and if our third needs them we will be back here again!"

"Dr. Whitlock & his team ROCKS!!! They have been AMAZING during my treatment before and after my surgery."

"My experience here was really great! They provided lots of care for my teeth and saved me from getting jaw surgery. I am very happy with my results and happy with the orthodontist I got to go to."

"We love this place! Friendly, professional, and very knowledgeable! Would not use anyone else!"

"I'm very happy with my results and stoked to be a part of this team!!!!!"

"We are very pleased with my daughter's braces experience! Her teeth have straightened quickly, so much improved. The price was much more reasonable than others we had priced in the area. (Comparable to our old orthodontist from before we moved.) everyone was very helpful We are thrilled with her new smile!!!"

"I've been so pleased with the process and results of my Invisalign. Dr Whitlock has been able to do what no other Orthodontists in the area were willing to take on without major surgery."

"My experience has been an amazing one! This is my 2nd set of braces; this time as an adult, 1st as a teenager. My experience this time was a lot better than I recall as a teen. If you are looking for your perfect smile or for your perfect smile to return; please call Dr. Whitlock's team today! 1st consultation is free, no reason to wait! It is my pleasure to state out a 5 member household; 4 have Dr Whitlock smiles, proud of the smiles in my house! Thank you to all within the Whitlock family; you have made me and my family feel loved throughout our treatment!"

"In and out in less then a year!!!! Amazing staff from the front desk to the back. Always helpful and friendly. Thank you guys for giving me an amazing experience and smile!"

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"I had such a great experience. Thank you for Intentionally sharing the upbeat and encouraging atmosphere. I was in and out of my braces in one year and am excited for my new smile."

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"Great service and great people! Will highly recommend Dr. Whitlock!"

"we have been very pleased with the care my daughters Bethany and Morish have received at Whitlock Orthodontics. The staff is always friendly and encouraging during the visits. We have experienced a few brackets coming off and they were quick to schedule us in and get those fixed right away. Another nice thing is we never have to wait more than 5 minutes in the waiting room before they see them at their office appointments. Another perk is the office picks them up from school for their appointments when I can't schedule time off work to get them there. We are excited about how their smiles are impressively changing. Thank you Whitlock Orthodontics!!"

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"Starting Invisalign as an adult!! So excited and Kaylee was awesome!! She explained everything as she worked and reassured me as she went a long. What an easy proces! Dr Whitlocks confidence in my case made me feel at ease! I'm using Acceledent and will finish in no time!"

"I absolutely love Dr. Whitlock and all of his staff. They are always so nice and helpful. I knew since the first day that I had picked the best Orthodontic office. I love my new smile!! Thank you everyone!!"

"Great service always... worth the drive from Vilonia"

"Dr. Whitlock went above and beyond when it came to making sure every question I had was answered. When it came to my smile, he assured me he would get it where I would be comfortable and confident again! Today I got my braces off and I can say he did what he promised he would! My teeth look absolutely amazing! Wouldn’t have went to any other orthodontist! Thank you Dr. Whitlock for your patience and honesty!"

"Honestly, when I was younger I didn't really care what my teeth looked like, but now I am so glad that me and my mom found y'all. Thank you Whitlock Orthodontics. ❤️❤️❤️"

"Dr Whitlock and the whole staff from the front of the house to the back are all so professional and friendly. When anyone asks who to see when it comes time for any orthodontic treatment, You all are always my pick. Thanks for the smiles."

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"I have been extremely pleased with the Whitlock team and overall experience with start to finish! The end result is amazing! So far three have completed treatment and I (mom) am almost finished with mine! Don't hesitate, sign up!"

"Dr. Whitlock and his staff are so kind! Every visit makes me feel happy- there is a positive energy in the office. You can tell it is a great place to work at. They provide excellent care and service and we have been really pleased with the progress of my son's teeth so far. We recently attended their #chosekind Movie Day and saw Wonder. It was such a great treat for our family. Most importantly they used this day to provide some goodies to a local non-profit. I appreciate how their office shows kindness to their patients and community."

"I am in love with my new smile! Dr Whitlock and his staff are always so friendly and professional! I always feel welcomed and comfortable when I'm here! Thanks to you all for always being so kind and accommodating!!"

"Dr Whitlock and the entire team are so great, they always have a smile on their faces and make us feel like family. You will never find a better team to trust with your smile or your children's smiles."

"100% recommend. Just got my braces off and my teeth look AMAZING! Couldn't have gone to a better place! I'm so thankful that I can finally be comfortable with my smile. I think this is the early Christmas present I was looking forward to. Great service, they're very friendly!!!"

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"We live an hour away, and it's totally worth the drive. So thankful for the Whitlock team and the beautiful smile!"

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"Love love this place. Everyone is always friendly. The advancement in the process is amazing."

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"Emily's braces have moved her teeth very well and quickly. She states she has had less pain complaints than her friends at school. Everyone at the office is very nice and helpful"

"We love Whitlock and his team. Big smiles and warm welcomes every time we visit. They took my daughter's pretty smile and made it amazing. I will bring my youngest when the time comes. I will definitely recommend Whitlock!"

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"My husband and 2 of my daughters are in treatment with Dr. Whitlock and his staff. Everyone is so amazing and helpful. They answer all of our questions and explain everything in detail. The treatment they receive is definitely worth the drive from Rogers!"

"Love the great people here and seeing my old picture of my teeth from the beginning makes me very happy because I know that my teeth have really upgraded. Because of the braces, I am more confident with my smile and its way better than when I used to be too embarrassed to smile because of my teeth. I used to see others with perfect smiles and always wished that'd be me, and now that's me because my teeth are way much better now than than when I walked into this orthodontist. 10000% recommend."

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"The boys have had excellent care from Dr. Whitlock and his wonderful staff! They never mind coming to their appointments when it consists of quality care topped with a slushy"

"Dr. Whitlock and his staff are THE BEST!! Everyone is so friendly and helpful!"

"Wow! This place is amazing. I just love how the staff treated me and how sweet they all were. I loved how they could start a conversation and it would be fun coming to the orthodontist. I love how my teeth look now and how great Dr. Whitlock did on my mouth. My pictures look great and all the credit goes to Dr. Whitlock and the staff!! I would recommend Whitlock Orthodontics to everyone I know!"

"Whitlock helped me to feel confident with my smile, especially with senior pictures coming soon!"

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"The experience at Whitlock has been amazing! Dr. Whitlock addressed health concerns from my daughter's jaw that other orthodontic clinics never talked about. Not only will she have a beautiful smile, but her jaw and neck issues will be corrected as well. I'm glad we chose Whitlock!"

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"The X-rays he takes are way more extensive than any I've had in the past. I've been told my whole life I'm missing a permanent tooth and he was able to find it! Now I dont have to have an implant. My braces are straightening my teeth a lot sooner than I thought. He and his team always remember the specifics about my case even though they have many patients and are always available to answer questions."

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"Dr.Whitlock and his staff are amazing. They do a great job, they're friendly, and the office is great with a side "snack room" for your child after the appointment! Our entire family has had our orthodontic care through Dr.Whitlock, I highly recommend him, and his amazing staff! give them a try and you'll be impressed! Not too many orthodontists provide the care, and environment he provides for his patients!"

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"I am truly amazed by Dr. Whitlock! He and his staff are so welcoming and friendly!! What he does for teachers and his, My Teacher Rocks campaign, has been a true blessing for me!!!"

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"Wonderful staff, affordable prices and kid friendly atmosphere!!! #happymama"

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"The staff at Whitlock Orthodontics were all so kind and always treated me like a friend. Ashley must have a super-power and calls me by my first name every time I walk through the door. I love my new smile!"

Reviews 43 - 84 of 2357

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