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"Fast, great service. Good experience"

"I love the feeling in my mouth. I love the works here. I love the environment that I had her. I like how the treated me here. Love you guys so much. I appreciate the simile i have now!!!!!!:)"

"It has been such a great experience at Whitlock orthodontist! All the employees here are so great and amazing at what they do! They are always so happy and so sweet to their patients! Come on down to Whitlock orthodontist they will treat you right!(:"

"I love that you guys go get my child from school, and treat him with such gentleness and respect! I also love the call right afterwards. We love Whitlock Ortho!"

"This is the best orthodontist ever! Everyone is always so nice and it barely ever hurts when they did stuff on my teeth. Thank you for my new pretty smile!"

"I really enjoyed my braces. They played part in the many changes I went through these years (insecurity of my teeth, losing weight, etc.) they worked amazingly fast and although they could be a pain sometimes, I loved them! Everyone here is friendly and enjoyable(:"

"Great Service, Pretty Smile at Front Desk :)"

"Braces helped me tremendously! I've always wanted a perfect little smile and Whitlock gave me that! The whole staff is just amazing and very welcoming! I'm always super excited to come into my next appointment!! I'm so glad I was able to have this experience and able to share it with other people! Y'all are great!! Thank you so much!!"

"I Love how you guys offer many opportunities to get points for your rewards card. I like how nice everyone is and it's a very friendly environment. I also like all the decorations and themes for this place. It's really cool they offer things such as jeep rides from school and also movie night and things like that! I also love that you can get your braces off sooner here than at at other orthodontists!"

"I liked the way you treated me. I can't wait till I get my braces. I'll try to do better brushing."

"Always friendly."

"I was nervous about getting braces and worried I would have them on for so long and that they would hurt all the time. But, as time went by I actually enjoyed my braces and it didn't hurt when I would have to get a new wire. I was so happy and pleasantly surprised to get them off in less than a year. It didn't take very long and it didn't hurt too bad. I came out with beautifully straight teeth that I was so happy about. The only thing I was disappointed in was that even though I had super straight teeth when my braces came off, my teeth weren't super white to match. I wish I could've gotten my teeth whitened after I got my braces off, but other than that, I had a great experience!"

"I had braces on the inside and I loved it it was fun and nice and easy"

"Third time for braces, working in dentistry I understand the total impact of a healthy mouth and a great smile! Thank you so much for your wonderful care, you and your staff have made it a fun experience!"

"Friendly staff. Great Service!"

"My daughter just got braces in August but so far we've had a wonderful experience. From day one, when they worked with me on payments to putting her braces on at the consultation appt. Every one of their staff has been friendly and helpful and we love the convience of being across the street from Central Junior High. Nothing but good things to say about Dr. Whitlock and his staff. Thank you!"

"For the past few years Whitlock Orthodontics has been with me through the "evolution of my teeth." From the first day the staff was very nice to me, and as enthusiastic as I was for me to get braces. Unfortunately, braces are mouth sore giving, teeth tightening devils, that hurt you for a year or two. Fortunately Whitlock Orthodontics was there through the entire journey until the day I got my braces off. So I'll end by saying thank you for making this "evolution of my teeth" a fun and interesting journey for you and especially me."

"The best care and people every Brooke is the best care giver. Mr Whitlock is the best I had enjoyed my time with them all and will come in from time to time"

"It went very good very easy and gentle"

"I LOVE coming to Whitlock for my oppointments!!!! I know a lot of the people and think of Dr. Whitlock as my buddy!!!! Every one is so friendly and it's just so fun!!!!!! Best orthodontics EVEAH!!!!!"

"I came here wanting to be more confident about my smile and you all did just that. I now love to smile! Thank you for making that happen and always being so nice."

"I was impressed with the service at Dr. Whitlock's office. The staff is professional and friendly. I was able to schedule an appointment quickly, and had my braces put on less than a month after! The quality of the service is great also."

"We love everything about Whitlock Orthodontics. We have lived in several states, and have had experience with several orthodontic offices over the years with our older children. Whitlock is the best by far. We live over an hour away, and Whitlock is worth the drive!"

"I love the staff at Doctor Whitlock's everyone always makes you feel welcome and they are excited to see you! I would most definitely recommend them if you are considering any Ortho related treatments! 5 stars!"

"You guys are always sooo nice to me and it is always such a fun place to be. I reccomend you to everyone!"

"Superior Customer Service!"

"I think that they did a Great job with my teeth and I'm very pleased with my mouth!"

"Everyone was really nice and helpful!!!"

"Dr. Whitlock is da bomb. Go to him if you want straight, white teeth. The whole office has the greatest vibe. It is a slam dunk."

"Compared to other orthodontist facilities I've been to, Whitlock Orthodontics is by far the best. The staff are always nice, friendly, and a pleasure to work with, and I might add that the ladies who work here give truth to the rumor that Arkansas girls are some of the most beautiful in the country. Going through jaw surgery and all of the problems that go along with it was pretty rough, but your office made it s much more pleasant experience. I always enjoyed coming here, and I'll be sure to come visit time to time! A++++"

"Everyone at Dr. Whitlock's office was helpful and positive. I am happy to see the results. I look forward to eating crunchy things again."

"I liked my braces and the finish result."

"Very good !!!!!!"

"I enjoyed my experience here, and I felt like I was welcome here. The girls and Dr. Whitlock were extremely nice and took great care of me. Thank you so much for my new smile!"

"Professional compassionate care...always!"

"I love Whitlock orthodontics and how great they are with my whole family."

"I was kind of afraid to go to the orthodontist. I had heard stories about how painful braces are and going to appointments a pain. But not at Dr. Whitlock's office. It ROCKS! He and everyone in the office is so nice and helpful. I love going and earning points! I tell all my friends this is the place to go. :)"

"We love the service we get at Whitlock orthodontist. Everyone works together to make the experience great!!"

"Excellent experience! Everyone is extremely nice and helpful!"

"It was fun"

"I started coming to Whitlock in 1st grade and haven't been disappointed once anytime I've come. They always do a great job and fix your teeth fast and perfectly. Even when I had my braces for a year I felt like they were on for only a month!"

"Thank you for your patience on Tuesday! Hayden was completely caught off guard when he was told his appliance was being removed. We recently had an upleasant experience with my daughter at the dentist and the team there became very irritated with her. I was a little nervous this would happen with Hayden; however, you guys were awesome! Thanks again!"

Reviews 2227 - 2268 of 2433

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