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"I was not happy with my teeth. I would not smile very often because they look so bad. Now I feel more confident and the smile looks great. Thank you for all your help Dr. Whitlock :)"

"I had some pretty bad teeth and they made them perfect(:"

"Awesome staff"

"It was amazing!!"

"Everything was great!!! Staff is so caring and comforting(:"

"Dr. Whitlock and his team, thank you for making my smile a smile that I can be proud of! You all are so comforting and kind every time I walk in. You always have smiles on your faces :) Thank you for everything!"

"My experience was awesome because the people were nice and my teeth are straight."

"Everyone here at Whitlock were so nice and very helpful! Having braces was fun because it was enjoyable to be at Whitlock! I've had my braces for almost a year, but it was fun to come! Thanks."

"I'm very satisfied with the results and the office itself. The staff is great!"

"I got my braces here when I was 10 - Apparently my jawline was pretty messed up, because Dr. Whitlock said I would need surgery later unless I had braces - Now my teeth are completely straight! Thank you!"

"I was referred by my dentist here, and I've had no complaints about my service. I'd recommend Dr. Whitlock to my friends and family!"

"Coming to Dr. Whitlocks offfice has made me have a different view of dentistry and orthodontics. The staff is really friendly the moment you walk through the doors. They make you feel very comfortable there enough to ask any questions without hesitation. One thing i love about this place is the brushing area. When you've had a busy day and you don't have time to brush before you come in for your appointment, they have you covered. You get the chance to brush your teeth and have them refreashed before being seen. My experience here has been great that it makes me look forward to coming to see Dr. Whitlock and his lovely staff. A lot of people don't take the chance of getting their teeth fixed beacuse they feel its way beyond their budget, but this office helps you manage that with what you can afford with monthly paymets They make you feel taken care of most of all so that you can have that future beautiful perfect smile! =)"

"very happy -great job"

"I got my braces on about a year and a half go and throughout that the process has been great! So thankful for Whitlock Orthodontics not giving up and making my smile look great! The staff has been great and thank you so much Dr. Whitlock for giving me an amazing smile. Thank y'all so much!!"

"I was referred by my dentist here, and I've had no complaints about my service. I'd recommend Dr. Whitlock to my friends and family!"

"Dr. Whitlock and his team are amazing! I do not think I could have picked a better place to receive my orthodonic care. They have done a great job and are extremely kind and help too. I highly recommend them to anyone!"

"Very friendly staff. Only had to wear the braces for 9 months where other orthodontic offices were telling 18 months. I"

"You guys were great. I had some questions about my teeth and you answered them and treated me very well. Thanks."

"I have loved the care my son has received from Dr. Whitlock and his staff. I could have taken my son to an in-network provider cheaper, but I was convinced the treatment program set up for my son was in his best interest. His treatment program has been on-target. I have spoken with a lot of people with braces and their treatment has always taken up to 2 years longer than the orthodontist said. Colton's treatment program is exactly on schedule."

"All three of our children have had to have braces: Mitchell, Leslie, and Meredith. Dr. Whitlock and his associates have been very cooperative to work with the past several years. The 'team' is well knowledged, courteous. and very professional in their orthodontic work. Thank-you for performing what the DNA could not, Mr. & Mrs. Eric Vaught"

"You guys are awsome , we are really please with your atention."

"They make it fun to go to the orthodontist!"

"Excellent place. Really nice people all the time"

"I was a little apprehensive to start orthodontics for a third time, but as a dental hygienist, I wanted that perfect smile. Dr. Whitlock has delivered. I am very pleased with my results and enjoyed the process. Dr. Whitlock and his staff have really made the whole experience very pleasant. Thank you so much!!"

"You all are rockstars.. so warm and kind hearted.. you ALWAYS make me feel like im important from the moment i walk in to the room, to the moment i leave... Love all the staff... Cant wait to smile again... love you guys... :)"

"I got my braces put on with Whitlock orthodontics in April 2012. As soon as the process began my teeth were moving rapidly. I was never uncomfortable with my braces and had no idea they'd come off so quickly. I thought that my braces would be off sometime in July 2013 but, to my surprise, they came off in March 2013. I'm beyond happy with my results and would recommend Whitlock to anyone who needs orthodontic treatment."

"I absolutely love that I selected Whitlock Orthodontics for my Orthodontic care! They did everything possible to make sure that I could get braces and do an excellent job keeping me informed along the way. They make my visits as comfortable as possible and the environment is relaxing! The staff is great also! I would definately recommend Whitlock for any and all ages. :)"

"10 out of 10! Extremely friendly, professional, & efficient team. Going to appointments is always an enjoyable experience. Dr. Whitlock has excellent chairside manner & is very knowlegable. He is certainly a specialist in the field of orthodontics. I always appreciate how everyone in the office seems to work well with each other, which makes patients comfortable & makes each step of the process flow with a natural ease."

"Dr. Whitlock is a great guy who has a special passion for the work that he does. He uses the newest technology to give people the smiles they desire in the shortest period of time. I would recommend him to anyone wanting straighter teeth."

"The people at Whitlock Orthodontics are nice and friendly. They helped make my experience better."

"Excellant all the way around, goes above and beyond what is expected in every aspect. Great experience!!"

"Whitlock Orthodontic is an awesome place with wonderful people who make you feel really comfortable. Getting your teeth straightened is a long, scary and sometimes painful process, but the staff are right there by your side the entire time. They help reduce my anxiety and make feel comfortable and welcome. I can't wait to see my beautiful smile!! Thank you Dr Whitlock and staff, for being kind and good at making beautiful smiles."

"I came to Whitlock orthodontics when I was 18 years old, I was in major need of braces. Dr. Whitlock and the team helped me with this process and if there was ever anything I had questions about or if any problems occurred, they were always there to help and answer them. I greatly appreciate Dr. Whitlock and his family for giving me the opportunity to smile openly again! This has truly been life changing, thank you all! God bless!"

"I put getting braces off for 13 years, partially because of my phobia with dental work and because of the extensive work that had to be done to correct my teeth. When I finally decided to get them I made an awesome decision and chose Dr Whitlock. The staff has been friendly, professional, and put me first at every appointment. I am pleased with the progress thus far and the decision I made to use Whitlock to get my braces."

"Everyone was nice. The icy was the best. I didn't like the pictures of my mouth. But it was okay."

"Thank you for my straight teeth. Everyone is very friendly."

"We are so impressed with Dr. Whitlock and his staff!! From the warm welcome, to the convenience of the Hummer pick-up option, to feeding my son PIZZA (he thought that ROCKED), to the family movie over Thanksgiving.....every single bit of it has been an absolute delight, and so much LESS painful that we anticipated orthodontic treatment to be! I highly recommend Dr. Whitlock and staff to all our friends looking for an orthodontist every time I get the opportunity! In this day and age of hurry scurry and lack of social graces in general, I consider it a blessing to be a patient of this clinic, where there IS an emphasis on making life more pleasant in every way possible. :)"

"Very friendly staff. Everyone always has a smile on their face and everyone is very professional. Dr.Whitlock has great bedside manners and is very personable."

"I have always been incredibly impressed by the one on one service I received at Dr. Whitlock's office. While I didn't wait long and my appoinment was quick I was surprised that the technician working on me had another paitent at the same time. It just seemed a little less personal than service I had received in the past."

"Staff promptly got me in when I had two brackets fall off."

"Dr. Whitlock and his staff always take their time with me. They have been especially helpful when I have had something bothering me with my braces!"

"While having braces at the age of 26 was not my ideal scenario, I am very glad that Whitlock Orthodontics has been with me though this experience. The staff are always friendly and helpful, an the environment is very welcoming. I would most definitely recommend them to anyone I knew who needed braces."

Reviews 2353 - 2394 of 2433

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