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"Love these people truly start to finish.... and I'm not even finished yet. Sheer perfection!!!!!"

Review Verified on 11/16/2017
"Great place with the friendliest and kindest of people. Took great care of me and my teeth!"

Review Verified on 11/8/2017
"Super friendly and helpful staff. Answered all my questions and was able to start treatment that same day of my consultation!"

Review Verified on 11/2/2017
"Great results as always! 3rd child to go through treatment, been very pleased each time and will continue to recommend this office to friends!"

Review Verified on 10/25/2017
"Dr Whitlock is great- he did such a good job giving my daughter a smile she can finally be proud to show. She needed jaw surgery, which he has had himself. He was a comforting voice to a scary surgery... highly recommend!"

Review Verified on 10/13/2017
"The staff is always so friendly and kind to my son. Dr Whitlock is very knowledgeable and has done a great job so far! My son has a complicated case so we have a ways to go"

Review Verified on 10/12/2017
"Always fantastic!! I have had 3 children coming here at the same time and we have never been disappointed. They are kind, caring and so efficient. They are also always very willing to accommodate when something unexpected come up. We love Dr. Whitlock and his staff!"

Review Verified on 10/10/2017
"I'm super excited and amazed at my results after Invisalign!! It was super, easy, and efficient. The staff at Whitlock Orthodontics were always there to help so I could achieve my best results! I love my teeth and Whitlock Orthodontics!!"

Review Verified on 10/3/2017
"Every appointment I have been to, everyone is always so kind and happy! It is a great environment to be around. I feel better about my smile now thanks to Dr. Whitlock."

Review Verified on 9/28/2017
"As a dental professional in our area, I know the importance of proper patient care and putting patients first while easing their minds during their treatment. Here at Whitlock Orthodontics I was always treated as part of the Whitlock Orthodontics Family, they made to feel comfortable at each visit, and had all my questions answered. I loved my experience with lingual braces (on the back side of my teeth) on top and the clear brackets on the lower! It was so fun to tell people I had braces on because they couldn't believe that you could have braces that no one could see!!! My smile was something I had always been self conscience about before I began my treatment, especially looking at teeth every day for a living, but now with the help of Dr. Whitlock and his wonderful staff I have the confidence to Rock My Smile!!!"

Review Verified on 9/22/2017
"Dr. Whitlock is super personable & he actually cares about you. I've been going to him since I was a kid & I won't ever change Orthodontics. He's the best!"

Review Verified on 9/20/2017
"I was very impressed with the care my daughter received. Everyone was always nice and treated her very well. Her teeth look amazing! You have the nicest dental staff and receptionists that I have ever encountered at any medical facility."

Review Verified on 9/11/2017
"Dr. Whitlock offers superior service! His staff is friendly and wonderful to work with! I highly recommend Dr. Whitlock and his staff!"

Review Verified on 9/7/2017
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"Everyone is very friendly, and made me feel comfortable and welcomed. Very minimum waiting time. When I needed to see Dr. Whitlock, they always found some time to let me come in, that helped me so much. Dr. Whitlock encouraged me before my oral surgery when I was very anxious. My teeth are nicely aligned, and very happy!"

Review Verified on 9/7/2017
"Dr. Whitlock and his staff have been amazing! They have been very friendly and kind to me throughout the entire process. My teeth look great and I am so pleased. I would recommend Dr. Whitlock and his staff to anyone considering orthodontics in NW Arkansas."

Review Verified on 9/6/2017
"So far we are very happy with the service and price. Dr. Whitlock came highly recommended."

Review Verified on 8/30/2017
"Everyone at Dr. Whitlock's office is always so sweet. The front desk always calls me by name, and the assistants are so friendly. I love my smile after Invisalign!"

Review Verified on 8/29/2017
"In and out of braces in 8 months! Very responsive to any issues we had along the way."

Review Verified on 8/23/2017
"Dr. Whitlock is an extremely competent and accommodating orthodontist. I had braces behind my teeth and even did not live in the state the majority of the year but he was able to work out a solution and I am happy with the results. His staff is super friendly and made me feel comfortable."

Review Verified on 8/10/2017
"Great experience! Very polite staff, very knowledgeable. I am extremely pleased with the results. And we even got the braces off early! Yay!!"

Review Verified on 8/8/2017
"I was having severe migraines all day, everyday. It got to the point I had to do something about it! Once I found out that Whitlock does therapy for it I couldn't wait to ditch the ibprophen! After the first session I felt instant relief. Now, after only 5 sessions, I have absolutely no problems with my jaw or head being in pain anymore!"

Review Verified on 8/1/2017
"We love Whitlock! They customer service to a "T". They always greet their patients with a smile & have fun activities throughout the year whether it's a contest, a special showing at the movies or crazy dress up days."

Review Verified on 7/28/2017
"I really like this Orthodontics because all of the staff is friendly and will help each other out. They work together as a team and don't leave anyone out. They aren't aggressive when doing my appliance so I feel very comfortable at my appointments."

Review Verified on 7/26/2017
"Amazing customer service and follow-up!!! The staff is very friendly, and everyone goes above and beyond to make patients and parents feel comfortable!"

Review Verified on 7/21/2017
"Overall great experience with Invisalign! It took a little about 7 months for the whole treatment and it was awesome having it done at Whitlock Orthodontist because they all treat you very nice and friendly and are always there to help!"

Review Verified on 7/20/2017
"Continue to be impressed by Dr. Whitlock and his amazing staff. They treat me like a human being that they truly care about. Nobody's that good an actor."

Review Verified on 7/20/2017
"Dr. Whitlock is very thorough and professional and in the long run has saved me money with taking his advice."

Review Verified on 7/19/2017
"Love Whitlock!!!!! My teeth turned out fabulous. In the beginning my teeth were horendous and now there perfect!!!"

Review Verified on 7/18/2017
"Wonderful, A +++++++++++ Doctor Whitlock and staff are unparalleled in skill, service, kindness and on and on and on. I am truly very impressed and grateful."

Review Verified on 7/13/2017
"Outstanding care providers from the minute I walked in the front door! Dr. Whitlock and Lauren are great at explaining everything and making everything so easy!"

Review Verified on 7/13/2017
"My experience at Whitlock Orthodontics was amazing, the staff here was the kindest people I have ever met. They always welcomed me in with the hugest smile on their face to the way they always asked how you are doing. They always make my day when I come here. So I guess what I am trying to say is that my experience was amazing"

Review Verified on 5/2/2017
"Dr.Whitlock and staff are awesome. My son Nicalos and myself both got braces from Whitlock Orthodontic and have been very pleased with the outcomes. All our question and concerns have always been answered and addressed to full satisfaction. Thank you guys for our beautiful smiles."

Review Verified on 4/11/2017
"We have been very happy, so far, with how helpful everyone has been. After my son had facial trauma, his teeth were very affected. Dr. Whitlock and his staff were very helpful and made us feel confident that they could get his smile back."

Review Verified on 4/4/2017
"Accelendent works great, its light and comfortable. Braces install was painless and quick."

Review Verified on 3/30/2017
"Laci and Dr Whitlock made the initial experience very pleasant. I appreciated all the information and support we received by this team. After we left, Jillian exclaimed, "That was the best appointment ever!!""

Review Verified on 1/18/2017
"I am so happy with my teeth, and even more importantly, my jaw--which was causing me so much pain before. The whole process was smooth, and I feel like everyone that worked with me from day one to now, was very skilled at what they do. (Not to mention the fact that everyone is so nice!) Thank you, Whitlock Orthodontics!"

Review Verified on 12/17/2016
"Very knowledgeable staff. Friendly, personable, and really felt like they cared about you! Also, I love that they don't make you wait months to get in and get started on treatment, which saved me the headache of having to wait."

Review Verified on 12/8/2016
"Adult braces. Scary thought for most... I struggled with the decision to get them... but I am so glad that I did!! Dr. Whitlock and his team made it a positive experience! So happy with my new smile!! Now if you will excuse me... I have a very important meeting with a bucket of popcorn!"

Review Verified on 12/1/2016
"Our family is so grateful for the head and migraine treatment our 11 year old daughter received at Whitlock Orthodontics. At the time of our initial visit, we had become somewhat hopeless in finding relief for constant everyday headaches. We had been to many pediatricians and tried everything we could including prescription migraine medication. None of these worked. Our once joyful daughter had become sad, depressed, and had to give up all activities other than school. Once starting the treatments, we began to see her true personality come back. She was able to go to school without constant pain. She was also able to read for pleasure again which she had given up due to headaches. We are so thankful to Lauren and Dr. Whitlock for their concern and high quality of care. It has made such a difference! I don't know what we would have done without this treatment."

Review Verified on 11/30/2016
"We love Whitlock Orthodontics! This is our second experience with our second child working with the team here and they have always been so friendly, caring and personable. They are also very accommodating in trying to find the best appt times to work with your schedule. Really appreciate their A+ service!"

Review Verified on 11/22/2016
"I came to Whitlock after surgery for a jaw injury related to TMJ . He was highly recommended by my surgeon to help fix my bite and prevent further issues and discomfort. Everything is perfect. Perfect bite and straight teeth. My jaw no longer causes me pain. I can eat without any annoying clicking/popping. It was a team effort, but Whitlock ultimately improved my quality of life and I thank him very much for it. I'd recommend him to anyone and will be proud to tell them he's the reason for my smile."

Review Verified on 9/15/2016
"If I were to try to explain all the reasons Whitlock Orthodontics has genuinely impressed me, the list would be very long. Dr. Whitlock himself is a very professional and fun person who knew everything he was doing and made me feel confident in the treatment. All the staff were no different, and their support along the way made the treatment not only manageable but also enjoyable. Anyone who is seeking an expert orthodontist and confident staff as well as a new smile to change his or her life should look no farther than Whitlock Orthodontics!"

Review Verified on 8/10/2016
Reviews 211 - 252 of 2433

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